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  • This Is A Good Kiss Spot
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This Is A Good Kiss Spot

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It all started with a group of street artists who chose the best places for kissing, they suggested those by marking them with a sticker. It is perhaps the most romantic and original initiative that spreads around the world.

This is the campaign:

This Is A Good Kiss Spot – Here is a nice spot to kiss.

As part of the campaign scenic spots have been suggested like monuments, bridges, benches, cars and whatever one can imagine in New York, London, Rome, Paris, Budapest and many other places, Sitia in Crete is one among those.

But how Sitia distinguished?

A photo of Mr. Veniamakis sent -by the Hotel Association of Sitia- in a competition held in well-known social networking site, won the first place among photos of landscapes from around the world. The result has particularly pleased the Hotel Association of Sitia and Mr Veniamakis.

Mr. Veniamakis who has photography as hobby, did not hide his joy for the result stating that for him photography is a way of expression:

When there is a kind of a positive impact outside of Sitia borders, it is very pleasant. A photo travels. And what travels isn’t only a beautiful landscape but a message also

,he said while thanking Mr. Ekaterinidis for the opportunity given to him.

The (three) stickers, sent already by campaign managers, are placed in the suggested spots of the Sitia region and that is one at the Vai beach, and the other two in the coastal zone of the city, informing  that these points are among the finest in the world for a kiss!

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