Hi there,

my name is Veniamakis Stefanos

and this is my Portfolio.

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Μany years ago a DSLR camera was given to me coincidentaly. It didn’t take long to realize how useful “tool” for expression this would be, especially if it was to be combined with technology. It was the moment that a door opened in front of me and it was like entering to a room full of colures, shadows and light.

Then getting more and more into my new world I learned everything I needed by experimenting and searching for information at the web.

When I was young I was looking for different ways to express myself, it was then when i started playing the guitar. Today I am happy to have these two ways to express the things I cannot say with words.

A photograph captures a crumple of reality, whether this picture is “good” or not depends on the photographer’s point of view and whether this particular choice meets the personal version of beauty in each one of us, when we look at it on a

computer screen, on a magazine page or on the wall of a gallery.

Photography “freezes” a moment of the present in a few milliseconds and this moment lives forever. A camera is probably the only weapon against time’s hurricane and the photographer is a “hunter” of the moment. Photography can create history, can transfer a message and as it is said a picture contains a large number of words.

In this site I present my personal battle against time.

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